SAMSUNG07-09.07.2016 During this year’s Slot Art Festival in Lubiąż, we have organised an informative stand, an awareness hightening poster action concerning the civilisational problems and workshops: „Upgrade yourself – Counscious Lifestyle in practice”. During the workshops we have presented a complex vision of human development in terms of one’s inner life and social life, techniques for mental progress, tips on how to limit unnecessary consumption and engage in anti-$ystem civil activisim. As usual the atmosphere was amazing. Congratulations and great thanks to the organisers for this unique event. See you next year:)

DCIM100MEDIA04.06.2016 In cooperation with the Independent Association of Students (NZS), we have organised an action to commemorate the 27th anniversary of the massacre at Tiananmen Square in Beijing. From the Monument to the Victims of June 1956 we marched through the centre of the city to remind of the crime that has been committed many years ago, as well as the violations of human rights in China and the occupied Tibet that are still taking place today, to remind of the tortures, political prisoners, prosecution of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and finally of 1,3 billion people deprived of civil rights and kept in captivity by the Chinese dictatorship. We appeal to Polish government, that calls itself Christian and anticommunist, to break off economic relations with China. And before the moral awakening of the elites takes place – we appeal to Polish consumers to boycott Chinese products and thus stop financing the crime.

DCIM100MEDIA28.05.2016 We took part in another Free Hemp March in Warsaw. Several thousand people demanded for the legalisation of medical marihuana, an incredible medicine for dozens of illnesses, including the heaviest ones like cancer and epilepsy at the very top. And then also the basic rights for millions of Polish recreational users of hemp that has been used for thousands of years by the artists, priests and visioners worldwide for spiritual development, including broadening one’s awareness and imagination, deepening empathy and building creativity. 80% of the society supports legalisation of medical marijuana – we demand for their will to be respected by the government!

DCIM100MEDIA10.04.2016 On the 6th anniversary of the Smoleńsk tragedy we participated in ceremonies that took place in front of the Presidential Palace and in the March in memory of the victims. From the very beginning, consequently, as the only organisation of human rights defenders, in spite of the risk of criticism from the oligarchic environment and ostracism from the so-called „Left” that uses the tragedy for poor attacks against their political opponents, we demanded for an independent investigation of the catastrophe and insisted on Russia to hand over all pieces of evidence to us, including the wreck and the original black boxes of the presidential plane. After many years of fight, finally we have got the government that will decently look for the cause of what happened, and will not exclude and sweep under the carpet the grounds indicating the participation of the third persons. We keep our fingers crossed for the investigation. SMOLEŃSK – WE REMEMBER!

logotypy do newsów21.02.2016 „Kiszczakgate or what escapes mainstream’s attention” – a comment to another exposure of „Bolek’s affair,” and a short summary of the genesis and the consequences of the Round Table agreement on the blog of our Foundation. It seems that the legend of Lech Wałęsa is about to eventually fall before our eyes. Perhaps Polish people will start to look in a level-headed way, thus without pompous mythology, at the genesis of the III RP We invite you to read the article and comment on it:) English translation is coming soon:)

SAMSUNG24.12.2015 We took part in preperations to Christmas Eve dinner for the homeless and the lonely organised every year by Barka Foundation. This year the works went particularly well as there were plenty of hands eager to help:) In a wonderful atmosphere, delicious food reached hundreds of people suffering from poverty and exclusion. Our congratulations to the organisers! See you next year :)

DCIM100MEDIA13.12.2015 With the banner that said „Polonisation of banks, polonisation of trade!” we have joined the Liberty and Solidarity March in Warsaw. On the 34th anniversary of introducing the martial law by the military junta led by general Jaruzelski, more than 70 thousand people paid tribute to the heroes that were killed at that time and demanded for the revolution that was begun by „Solidarity” to be completed. It is the first time in many years when we have a real chance to finally do that. The oligarchic forces, thus the banksters, the representatives of foreign trade and media as well as Polish political and corporate clique, are in danger because of the new government and therefore escalate their attacks by deceiving the public opinion with the vision of coup and totalitarian regime. These attacks, however, met with a mass, yet peaceful counterattack. Shipyard workers, miners, farmers, young and senior civil activists came to Warsaw from all over the country. Will the new government keep its promises concerning democratisation (referendums), social solidarity, sovereignty in the international sphere? We will see. For the time being, they have our credit of trust :)

DCIM100MEDIA05.12.2015 As usual, at this time of the year, we took part in a Christmas food collection organised by the Federation of Polish Food Banks. The collected food will reach the non-government organisations that help the poorest. This time you could find us in the market at Marcelińska street. We would like to thank all our activists for their time and energy as well as all donors for record-breaking food donations :) We wish all the victims of the sick $ystem to enjoy their gifts. Hopefully one day we will not need such actions.

DCIM100MEDIA29.11.2015 We supported Muslims residing in Poznań, human rights activists and freedom fighters in their protest against racism that has flooded Europe (including Poland) and against the terrorism of ISIS. Apart from reminding the genesis of this organisation and destabilisation of the Middle East, on our banners we have manifested our objection to any kind of imperialism, which is, in fact, common to the interests of Muslims, Christians and unbelievers. The main issue raised by Muslims living in Poznań was the contradiction between the operations of ISIS and Koran as well as their own opposition against any acts of violence. The manifestation gathered around 200 people. Neither the oligarchy nor the fundamentalist bandits will get us divided into religions, nations and races fighting against each other – solidarity is our weapon!

DCIM100MEDIA28.11.2015 We participated in an all-Poland Day Without Fur organised by International Animal Rights Movement VIVA! Our activists and sympathisers from Poznań and Katowice helped us in distributing leaflets and collecting votes on a protest petition. Although we are not advocates of imposing a ban on raising animals for fur (since you cannot prohibit raising some species such as foxes or chinchillas, and at the same time tolerate raising and killing others, such as cows and pigs – the only exception to this rule are those animals that have got the status of non-human person like primates), we are definitely for an obligation to introduce free-range conditions as well as humane and painless slaughter procedures. And most of all, we appeal to the potential consumers for a boycott – the suffering of these creatures is really unnecessary!

zwycięstwo25.10.2015 According to the preliminary results, all three antioligarchic committees recommended by our Foundation achieved very good results :) Law and Justice will govern independently, Kukiz’15 have got 44 mandates, and thanks to TOGETHER and their results, neoliberal and unionist United Left will not get into the Seym! Unfortunately, neither will Andrzej Dołecki, an independent candidate that ran from the list of United Left – he will definitely make it next time :) The time for changes has come. However, it is up to us, how deep it will be – whether it will end up with the reset of the $ystem or stop somewhere in the middle. People are awakening – let’s not let them fall back asleep :) Many people representing human rights defenders and activists protecting the environment asked us why we support Law and Justice, attend their anti-government actions and support „politically engaged” trade unionists etc. Despite this fact, we have preserved with our strategy of fighting against the greater evil in spite of the secondary divisions. Thanks to further actions and hard work of awakening people around ourselves we have made contribution towards the failure of the $ystem :) After 8 years, Civic Platform is no longer in power, Polish People’s Party has barely passed the threshold and the oligarchy is now in the opposition! Let’s let the new government cool down a little bit and then let’s remind them about all the promisses they have made – the social ones as well as those concerning the referendums, the banksters and hipermarkets – as soon as these changes are implemented, the situation in Poland will be much better for all of us – not just for the elites!

18.10.2015 We took part in the Free Hemp March in Wroclaw. With the banner saying: „LEGALISATION + REFUND” we marched from the Centenary Hall through the Old Market to the prison in order to manifest solidarity with the marijuana users that have been arrested. Andrzej Dołecki, an MP, the leader of Free Hemp Initiative and an independent candidate for Seym from Wroclaw (list no. 6, position no. 2) has captivated the participants with his speech harshly criticising the sick $ystem and its laws. What is important, he referred to the plunder of our country by the international financier, he criticised the oligarchisation of polish politics and promised a real fight for the freedom of all citizens in the next term.

logotypy do newsów01.10.2015 VOTE AGAINST THE OLIGARCHY – Foundation’s electoral recommendation for our activists and sympathisers :) Unfortunately, despite of what the mainstream media want us to believe in, there is no anti$ystem party (you can find our definition of the $ystem here) that runs in the current election for the Parliament. However, it does not mean that all parties are equally hopeless ;) If you have doubts over choosing „the lesser evil” – remember that the election is not a referendum, the results will be valid even in case of mass boycott – even if no more than every 10th Polish gives a vote the government will be formed. If it is formed by the oligarchic forces – PO (Civic Platform), PSL (Polish People’s Party), ZL (United Left) and Nowoczesna (Modern) – our country is still going to serve the richest. If pro$ystem, but anti-oligarchic opposition comes to power, perhaps our country will not change radically, but certainly it will move in the right direction, and undoubtedly it will not roll at such high speed into the precipice due to the loss of what has been left from our political and economic sovereignty. Even if we strike at the transfers of capital, or raise taxes for banks and hypermarkets that are promised by the leaders of the most important dissident groups, we can strike at the $ystem – not fatally, but still hard and painfully;) And what’s crucially important, it will really decrease the influence of the global financier and the empires it controls, which means a little bit less of the Evil around the world. It is not the same as polonisation of the banking sector or debt abolition, but it is definitely something :) The same concerns referendums – after winning the election, current opposition will introduce obligatory referendums so that no more signatures end up in a shredder which happened with regard to the retirement reform. The oligarchic forces will never give us the right to decide in a referendum.

We recommend voting on the lists of Together (RAZEM), Law and Justice (PiS) and Kukiz’15 (except for Wroclaw where we support Andrzej Dołecki – the leader of Free Hemp Initiative, progressive, anti-oligarchic, independent candidate that runs from the list of ZL). Compare their programmes, candidates and vote as your conscience tells you. Vote even if there is no perfect candidate – your absence equals voting for Civic Platform & Co. as well as their national and foreign principals. Let’s vote for slowing down (perhaps even stopping) the process of destroying the public sphere, for maintaining our national currency and against the anti-labour laws and privatisation. Lets’s vote for the change – even a small change for the better :) Do your best to convince your family and friends to vote as well :)

26.09.2015 We took part in the Free Hemp March in Poznań. The participants marched the city streets in order to fight for the legalisation of medical marijuana, its refundation to the sick and the final end to the criminalisation of millions of the recreational smokers of hemp. The march was honoured with the presence of the Member of Parliament, Andrzej Dołecki, the new representative of hemp legalisation circle in the Seym, and his parents accused of smuggling „drugs” for the mother suffering from cancer. In his speech, the MP has emphasised the tragic consequences of the current legal state and promised to work hard to change it.

12.09.2015 On the European Day of Action for Refugees we participated in the rallies that took place in Poznan and Warsaw. By rejecting the dictate of EU and by pointing to the empires and corporations responsible for destroying Iraq (thus, also for the appearance of ISIS) and Libya, we demand for an unconditional help to be given to all people that are looking for refuge from the war in our country. Simul12.09.-Uchodźcy-Warszawataneously, we categorically oppose sending the refugees to our country under coercion and forbiding them to move around Europe – we have no right to imprison them! Around 200 people took part in both rallies. Our banners said: „Yes for the refugees, no for the dictate of EU,” „Who fights with a bomb, will receive refugees” and „Solidarity – our weapon.”

DCIM100MEDIA08.08.2015 We took part in an action organised by Greenpeace in front of German Janschwalde power plant situated near the boarder with Poland, the environment of which is also being affected. In spite of the 35oC heat, several hundreds of activists from Germany, Poland and Czech Republic protested against brown coal open-cast mine and environment degradation by the 4th largest polluter in Europe (black coal mines are much less harmful). There was a happening in which the activists wearing white clothes formed a huge skull. We would like to emphasise that as great enthusiasts of eco-energetics we expect free transfer of technology and non-returnable help in the development of this sector in Poland from Germany and France in the name of European solidarity. Otherwise, the pressure put on Poland to give up black coal taking into acount its coal reserves and mining infrastructure by EU is nothing but imperial exploitaition covered with icing like CO2 limits and environment protection. Photorelation.

2015.07.18-Jarocin-stoisko-Fundacji-Przebudzenie-www17-18.07.2015 We organised a stand at the oldest punkrock music festival in Poland. For two days we were promoting anti$ystem civic activism, actions for environmental protection, consumer boycott of Chinese products and many other activities of our Foundation in Jarocin. We continued the referendum happening and encouraged more people to join the fight for the better world – we put into practice the lyrics of the bands that have not yet forgotten about the roots of the music of rebellion:) We would like to thank the organisers for friendliness, our sympathisers for logistic support and we would like to welcome the new activists on board:)


08-11.07.2015 We spent a 4 day long marathon at Slot Art Festival in Lubiąż. This amazing event that was organised by the Association of Creative Local Centres in an antique monastery attracted thousands of mostly young, but not only;), unformatted people. Mainly, but not only;), Christians. In just a couple of days hundreds of concerts, lectures, workshops, trainings (see the programme here) took place. During the festival we had an informative stand in the zone for Social Initiatives. We organised a referendum happening (the results are coming soon;)) in which we asked about the most important issues concerning our future that, unfortunately, are absent in the mainstream debate :) The participants had a chance to compose and burn out a DVD with documentaries from more than 90GB of knowledge about the world, health and people :) On the first and last day of the Festival, Marcin Janasik conducted also lectures on “Conscious lifestyle and ecoconsumption” (in the fight against Babilon/$ystem/Satan) showing how to strangle the oligarchy with its own weapon – money and how to act for the better world on a daily basis. We have had dozens of conversations, distributed hundreds of leaflets and a few new centres will be found:) We would like to thank the organisers and our activists that engaged themselves in this event:)

DCIM100MEDIA26.06.2015 W participated in the Harmony of the Universe, an incredible event organised at the feet of Massif Ślęża. Among a number of interesting lectures and workshops (you can find the programme here) the participants could also listen to the speech given by our Foundation’s representative, Marcin Janasik, on “Conscious consumption and civic activism in the fight against NWO”. In the lecture, he presented a number of everyday actions and ways of anti-$ystem civic resistance as well as the concept of consumer strike emphasising what impact conscious consumption may have not only on our life, but also the social and economic reality in which we are currently living. The Film coverage of the event can be found on the website of Independent Television really soon.

przesilenia i równonoce21.06.2015 We have spent another solstice on summing up the recent quarter of intensive anti-$ystem work and planning the coming one. There was enough time for contemplation and positive visualisations of the world after the peaceful revolution:) We would like to thank all our activists and sympathisers of our Foundation. During the last few weeks we did a lot in order to encourage Poles to civic activism and conscious lifestyle:) Festival season is coming soon – the summer time is not a break time, quite the reverse, it’s an opportunity to act :) The Harmony of the Universe, Slot Art Festival and other events that are still to be confirmed. We invite you all to join us and help us at our stands as well as support us financially. Each and every ray of Light in the form of a leaflet costs quite a lot ;)

DCIM100MEDIA03.06.2015 On the 26th anniversary of the massacre at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, in cooperation with NZS (Independent Association of Students), we have organised an awareness-raising event. With banners and leaflets, we walked from the Monument to the Victims of June 1956 through the city centre to Stary Browar, the shopping centre. Additionally, in solidarity with those who had been killed by the Chinese regime, we stopped on the way in certain spots to outline their contours and light candles. In the leaflets, not only did we remind the readers about the very massacre, but also about the tortures and repressions of the dissidents, about the persecution of Tibetans, Uyghurs and Christians, about the Internet censorship and half-slavish working conditions in Chinese factories and simultaneously we called on people to boycott Chinese products and to demand sanctions against this regime. Media coverage (in Polish) epoznan, radiomerkury.

DCIM100MEDIA30.05.2015 We took part in another Free Hemp March in Warsaw. Over 2,5 thousand people walked from the Palace of Culture and Science to the Seym demanding the legalisation of the plant so useful in medicine and consciousness development. Just before the demonstration, our activists from the capital city and Poznań conducted an awareness-raising campaign by distributing 1000 leaflets, which is a record-breaking amount for this kind of action. The aim of the campaign was to invite the participants to join „hemp” section of our Foundation and the anti$ystem civic activism. We invite our new sympathisers to contact us as further actions on other fronts of the fight for freedom are coming soon:) Photorelation.

komorowski grafika24.05.2015 VICTORY! Bronisław Komorowski, the representative of the most antilabour and neoliberal party that has been governing our country in the last 26 years, despite an enormous support from the oligarchy and it’s media, have lost the presidential election. We would like to thank all our activists and sympathisers for your participation in the Internet campaign, especially before the II round, when we, as the Foundation, took an official stance and recommended „the lesser evil”, that is Andrzej Duda. Let’s hope that the new president will keep at least some of his promises and that he will sabotage the scandalous movements of the governement of (anti)Civic Platform with the use of veto.

2015.05.23. My prekariat marsz Warszawa www 23.05.2015 We took part in a march „WE, the PRECARIAT” that passed through the streets of Warsaw. It was organised by Workers Initiative autonomous trade union and professional groups that are at the highest risk of being affected by the „junk” contracts and work conditions. A couple of hundreds of participants, including the representatives of teachers, nurses, builders, artists as well as the workers of NGOs and Amazon, set off from the Ministry of Labour and (anti)Social Policy with slogans: „It’s time of general strike”, „Stop to the junk contracts” and „Don’t tighten your belt, tighten your fist”. Due to the $ystem more and more people are up against the wall. Let’s hope that they will wake up and start biting:)

2015.05.17 Obchody zamordowania Majchrzaka przez ZOMO www17.05.2015 The delegate of the board of our Foundation, Agnieszka Rybak, took part in the ceremony commemorating the death of Piotr Majchrzak killed during the martial law by ZOMO officers. The aim of the event organised by the Club of Polish Newspaper in Poznań was to remind people of the fact that the circumstances of a number of crimes committed by junta had not been explained so far, and thus the guilty parties had not been punished by the administration of justice of „the free and democratic Poland”. Let’s hope that after this year’s election, these cases will be taken care of.

DCIM100MEDIA01.05.2015 Our Foundation’s activists from Warsaw and Poznań took part in a 1st May demonstration concerning social and labours’ rights. There were several hundreds of people from a couple of anti-oligarchic Leftist organisations. The RSS (Ruch Sprawiedliwości Społecznej – Social Justice Movement) , the organisers, obviously were the largest group that participated in the event. Additionally, there were also activists from Turkey and Kurdistan. During the gathering, we conducted a leaflet action, the aim of which was to promote Conscious Lifestyle and civic activism beyond secondary divisions that thwarts an effective fight against the oligarchy. Also, we unrolled banners saying: „STOP the privatisation of public sector” and „Exploitaition and usury have no Homeland”. After an opening speech given by Piotr Ikonowicz from RSS, the participants sang, along with the Revolutionary Choir, songs of our predecessors from the previous century. Then, after a couple of more speeches of the representatives of different organisations, we passed through the streets of Warsaw to stop in front of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. Media coverage (in Polish):

DCIM100MEDIA29.04.2015 We took part in another protest against the privatisation of Polish Recordings and the sale of its resources to the Warner corporation. The representatives of the artists community unrolled a 10 metre long banner in front of the Ministry of Culture, where, after the speech of the organiser of the event, Krzysztof Wodniczak, the delegates of the protesters handed a petion concerning this issue to the Minister. Next, the group began a march that passed through the streets of Warsaw to the Ministry of Treasury and the Seym, where the organisers were welcomed by the Speaker, Marek Kuchciński. The retrieval of Polish Recordings, similarly to our whole property that was privatised for nothing after 1989, is possible only after the change of the $ystem – all Polish artists are therefore welcome at the barricades :)

DCIM100MEDIA26.04.2015 We took part in a protest in front of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in Warsaw organised by Anonymous Polska. Although the organisers did not do their best – to put it mildly (and, let’s hope, it was the very last action organised by this group), fortunately, with the help of Pospolite Ruszenie and NWP we saved the action. For a couple of next hours, there was a brainstorm concerning further actions, including the local ones. Several dozens of activists from a couple of towns and cities, who responded to the appeal of the „anonymous” received concrete offers of activism so that their enthusiasm and devotion are not wasted. Among the speakers, there were also representatives of the protesting farmers, including Gabriel Janowski, the veteran of the fight for free Poland.

DCIM100MEDIA22.04.2015 We supported organisationally and obviously took part in a protest against the privatisation of Polish Recordings (Polskie Nagrania) and its sale to Warner Music Poland. The protest had been organised by the art community. Krzysztof Wodniczak, CEO of the Polish Association of Artists, Authors and Culture Animators (PTAAAK) and the leader of the gathering, presented a petition that draws attention to the harmfulness of this transaction for the Polish society. Next, on behalf of the protestors, a delegation went to meet the governor and hand in to him the petition. In the meantime, successive participants of the gathering with vinyl discs and red cards took the voice at the square in front of the building of the provincial office. The representative of the Foundation brought up the issue of lack of economic sovereignty and real democracy in Poland. as a result of which things like unnecessary privatisation of national property happens. Another action concerning Polish Recordings (Polskie Nagrania) is going to take place in Warsaw on Wednesday (29.04). Those who would like to join the protest, please contact us. Media coverage (in Polish): mmpoznan, telewizja WTK, radio Merkury

DCIM100MEDIA20.04.2015 With banner: „Legalisation + Refund”, we took part in an action in solidarity with Jakub Gajewski, a Free Hemp Initiative activist, who may be imprisoned for 15 years for making a medical marijuana oil accessible to those who have been diagnosed with cancer, epilepsy and other very serious illnesses. Around 200 people gathered in front of the Seym. After a few speeches of the people who have been using the marijuana oil for medical purposes with regard to the illnesses they hav been faced with, Andrzej Dołecki (CEO of Free Hemp Initiative) and the very Jakub, we moved to the Ministry of (un)Justice where we lit grave candles in memorial of all the people who died as a result of barbarian legal regulations. We mustn’t allow for people who save lives to go to prison in our country. Freedom for Jakub Gajewski!

18.04.201518.04.2015 ttip www On the European action day against TTIP, we participated in a protest that took place in front of the European Commission in Warsaw. A few dozens of people who gathered there were from The Institute of Global Responsibility and a few antioligarchic political and ecological organisations. After the speeches of the organisers and an unusual happening within the frame of which we could see a gigantic Trojan horse symbolising the dangers of signing TTIP, an army of corporate robots and a big octopus, we joined a several thousand demonstration of workers united in All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions (OPZZ) against anti-human policy of the government and the privatisation of public sector. The march passed through the streets of the capital up to the Chancellery of the Prime Minister where the trade unions leaders, after – as usual – beautiful and radical speeches, closed the gathering 18.04.2015 OPZZ wwwand told the demonstrators to humbly disperse and go back home, which they – also as usual – did willingly, and thus achieved – as usual – nothing. Will the trade unionists ever change their tactics and, as the Ukrainians did, block the centre of the city to the bitter end? Let’s hope that the education will not go to waste…

2015.04.09. ambasada Rosji Smoleńsk na www09.04.2015 The day before the 5th anniversary of the tragedy in Smolensk we took part in a demonstration in front of Russian Embassy in Warsaw. The participants demanded the return of the airplane wreck and black boxes as well as independent, transparent and international interrogation. They protested against the manipulation of information and the farce, called an interrogation, that we have been served by the public prosekutor’s office. Additionally, the speakers brought up the issue of the invasion of Russian troops on Ukraine and the murder of Boris Niemcov. The activists from our Foundation’s local group in Warsaw supported the organisers from the Youth Club of Polish Newspaper (Młodzieżowy Klub Gazety Polskiej) by joining the security team. Media coverage (in Polish):

22.03.2015 Zbiórka żywnosci Chata Polska 1 www21/22.03.2015 Once again we participated in Easter food collection that was organised by the Federation of Polish Food Banks. This time we spent 2 days in „Chata Polska” in Rataje district. All of the gifts will reach the needy in Poznań and the surrounding area. We would like to thank all of the Foundation’s activists for taking part in the collection and the inhabitants of Poznań for the gifts :) Someday such collection will not be needed. Meanwhile, we have to simultaneously help the victims of the $ystem and fight against it in every field :)

logotypy do newsów20/21.03.2015 As usually, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of our Foundation on the spring equinox. During the meeting we have discussed organisational plans and the nearest actions – April will be very intensive for us :) There was enough time for targeted activist visualisations, cheerful life contemplation and talks with engaged music in the background :)

DCIM100MEDIA08.03.2015 During another „Manifa” (feminist rally) that has been organised in Warsaw on the occasion of Women’s Day, we conducted an awareness-raising action. Our Foundation’s activists distributed 600 leaflets exhorting to peaceful deconstruction of the $ystem that lies at the root of all problems and pathologies raised by feminism. World without human trafficking and sexual slavery, without cultural exemplars glorifying violence, world that ensures the survival of all people, provides health care and education, world that does not impose social roles etc. is possible only if we oust the oligarchy that makes a living from the exploitation of women as well as men. Only together we can win :)

Uwolnić Raifa www06.03.2015 We participated in a picket organised by Amnesty International on behalf of the jailed Raif Badawi. The anti-government blogger from Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1000 lashes. Similar actions on his behalf are taking place all over the world. We stood in front of the US Consular Agency with signs: „Free Raif, close Guantanamo” and „When the oil flows, consciousness is silent?” making an appeal to the American empire cooperating with Saudi Arabia to put pressure on its ally to release the dissident. Unfortunately, taking into consideration the criminal activity of the US around the world, there is very little hope that it will…

Solidarni z wolną Rosją www01.03.2015 With regard to the murder of Boris Nemtsov in Moskow, we have organised a solidary picket in front of the Russian Consular Agency in Poznan. With the slogans: „Solidarity with free Russia”, „Putin, the murderer”, „Free Russia – Free Ukraine” we condemned another political killing of the opponent of Putin’s oligarchy. In our speeches, we reminded the audience of the tragic fate of the other Russian dissidents and made an appeal to the Polish and European Union’s authorities to end the foreign policy that is full of hypocrisy and impose real sanctions against the regime of Putin – exclusion of Russia from the SWIFT system, confiscation of fortunes from Putin’s oligarchs and clerks that are located in the West as well as a ban from entering the EU for politicians and the representatives of Russian state-owned entreprises. Media coverage (in Polish): WTK, TVP3.

Razem w obronie dzieci - www28.02.2015 „NO to food contaminated with pesticides and harmful additives”, „NO to GMO”, „NO to selling Polish land to foreigners” – these were the main slogans of the action: „Together in children’s defence” organised by farmers in the green town in front of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. They promoted healthy, local and ecological food and at the same time they emphasised the social dimension of today’s protests was emphasised. A delegate of the Foundation submitted our support to this initiative together with cooperation proposal, including trainings for the protesters and participation in peaceful, non-violent direct actions if they finally take place. If the government opposes the will of the vast majority of citizens, it loses the democratic legitimacy to govern – it’s time call things what they really are. Let’s not make another Moskow out of Warsaw…

21.02.2015 DCIM100MEDIAWe participated in a picket against a number of irregularities that occurred with regard to the privatisation of the hospital in Otwock, for which the inhabitants of the town blame the County Office. We have voiced our resistance to the commercialisation of health care sector and limiting Polish citizens’ access to health service with the following slogans: „Stop to the privatisation of public sector”, „Health care: a right, not a privilege”, „Hospitals today – schools tomorrow?” and „Stop the privatisation of health service”.

20.02.2015 20.02.2015 wwwThe representatives of the Awakening Foundation took part in a conference „Attention TTIP” organised by the Institute of Global Responsibility (Instytut Odpowiedzialności Globalnej) in Warsaw. The invited experts have comprehensively presented the dangers of that partnership to our democracy, labour rights, health care (food) and the expected economic consequences – as one can easily guess, beneficial mainly to the financial-corporate oligarchy. At the workshops on the planned activities, we have emphasised the illusion of the belief that bagging for mercy the representatives of Poland in EU, fawning on the mainstream media and a walk with flags can change anything with regard to the matter, that is of such great importance to the global elite. Unfortunately, as it usually happens in the Polish citizen „movement” – our postulate of peaceful blockades has not been welcomed enthusiastically. Therefore, our only hope is that the individual factions of the oligarchy do not reach an agreement…

14.02.2015 alter walentynki214.02.2015 On the holiday of those „in love”, we organised a consciousness-arousing action in Poznan and Warsaw. In the alter-valentine’s day cards that we distributed that day we have touched on the issue of shallowing and commercialisation of the mating rituals and we have contrasted the state of being in love promoted by pop culture that constitutes a mixture of hormones, endogenous drugs (PEA, endorphines) and sexual instincts with true love based on mutual affirmation, common life aims and desire to give the other person happiness, support and be his/her friend. We have pointed to the social and economic consequences of status quo – from the fortune that is spent on jewellery, cosmetics, cinema, clothes and all kinds of gadgets to the statistics of the relationship breakdowns, divorces, depression and suicides. We have drawn attention to the issue of water resources drainage in Africa due to the import of flowers to EU and to the sad lot of half-slaves from China producing gifts that are used to express „love” in Poland. And finally, we have encouraged people to read „The Art of Loving” written by E. Fromm (can be read here). Media coverage (in Polish): Głos Wielkopolski.

stop ttip08.02.2015 Our Foundation has joined the Europe-wide coalition of civil society organisations anxious about the free trade trust between EU and USA (TTIP) and the lack of transparency as far as the negotiation process is concerned. The „Uwaga TTIP” („Attention TTIP”) appeal has been signed by more than 50 Polish organisations and civil society institutions. It is yet another time when the corporate lobbyists and the administrators subordinate to them decide about our future behind closed doors – we must not let them to do this anymore! More information can be found at

10.01.2015DCIM100MEDIA We participated in a protest against GMO in front of the Presidential Palace in Warsaw. In spite of nasty weather, there were more than 70 people from a very wide range of ecological, social and patriotic organisations: from GMO Free Poland Coalition (Koalicja Polska Wolna od GMO) to Mass Uprising (Pospolite Ruszenie). The speakers emphasised the dangers of marketing GMO as well as the geopolitical and economic background of this extremely harmful for our health, food sovereignty and Polish Nature procedure. We encouraged the participants to engage in civic activism in other fields and the fight for democracy thanks to which the voice of more than 70% of Poles who are against GMO will be finally taken into consideration by the government. After the protest, there was an inter-organisational meeting during which we discussed the possibilities of further common actions. The photos taken during the protest can be found on our Facebook profile here.

Wigilia201424.12.2014 Traditionally, on Christmas Eve we helped in the preparation for the Christmas Eve dinner for the homeless and the lonely organised by Barka Foundation in Poznań. While fighting for the world in which there will be no homeless people since the ensuring of basic standards of living for all citizens will be a principal duty and the most important goal of the state, we do not forget about those who need our help here and now.

przesilenia i równonoce20.12.2014 Winter solstice – we had the last quarterly organisational and contemplative meeting this year. We summed up all the activities we have undertaken in 2014 and discussed plans for the nearest months, including the coming action against GMO. After a mini movie marathon we moved on to joyful life affirmation and rechargering batteries for the next year of fight for the better world and free humanity.

DCIM100MEDIA13.12.2014 On the 33rd anniversary of the martial law in Poland, our activists from Poznan and Warsaw took part in the March in the defence of Democracy and Freedom of the Press in the capital. Together with around 60 000 participants, we honoured the memory of the victims of the communist military junta and expressed our anger caused by falsifications of the last local elections. During the demonstration we have conducted a leaflet action the aim of which was to invite people to the training in peaceful, non-violent techniques that we organise and that we find to be the only option to regain true democracy in our country. Unfortunately, just like the protests organised by labour unions last year, also this time the organisers, the Law and Justice party, after they had given speeches filled with emotions and pathos, instead of calling on the participants to stay until the expected effect is reached – at least, until the election is reheld and its transparency is confirmed by the international observers, they sent those who gathered back home… Additional reflection on the March can be found on our Polish blog. Media coverage (in Polish):,, Our photo gallery of the March can be found here.

DCIM100MEDIA28.11.2014 We took part in the Poland-wide Christmas Food Collection organised by the Federation of Food Banks. The activists supported the action in Carrefour hypermarket in Franowo district in Poznań. As every year, most of the gifts came from the poor and pensioners. Altough a country in which such collections are necessary is undoubtedly sick, the very action was successful and we will continue to participate in it until the revolution takes place :)


protest poznań 28.11.2014 - przeciwko fałszerstwom wyborczymIn the evening, another demonstration against the electoral fraud took place in Poznań. This time, partially due to the unfavourable weather conditions and to some extent due to well-coordinated misinforming campaign being conducted in media for a week now, the attendance was lower than week ago. The protesters, including the activists from our Foundation, marched from the Liberty Square to the Provincial Office. The speakers emphasised in their speeches the necessity to fight for democracy in Poland and our last civil rights threatened by the elites above divisions. The participants have also been invited to the all-Poland demonstration on 13th December in Warsaw. Media coverage (in Polish):

żądamy powtórzenia wyborów22.11.2014 We took part in a protest against the falsification of the recent election. More than 200 people, including activists from almost all anti-oligarchic organisations that act in our city, expressed their outrage over destroying the last bastion of democracy by the ruling oligarchy. We had banners that said: „$ystem respects your vote if you vote for the $ystem” and „PSL (Polish Peasants’ Party): We are not such „Suckers” after all!”. A representative of our Foundation emphasised in his speech the delusion of the system of the oligarchic „democracy”, he reminded about the scandalous decisions made against the will of most of the citizens such as the reform of the retirement age and the invasion on Afganistan, he stressed the necessity of self-organisation and encouraged the freelance participants of the demonstration to get involved in the actions of one of the organisations present at the demonstration as they represent a really wide range of ideas and finally he invited the gathered people to take part in a training in non-violent and peaceful disobedience techniques – the only chance for a real social change. The next protest has been tentatively scheduled for the next Sunday – spread the news:) Media coverage (in Polish): gł,

logotypy do newsów22.10.2014 After very long and hard work we have finished another update of our website :) Most of the new content can be found in the „Awakening Practice” – you can find there a lot of useful information concerning conscious self-programming, the use of archetypes in mental development or the control of instincts. We have also extended the section about the civic activism, particulartly in terms of the co-creation of the organisation and its effective functioning. We would like to thank you for all your precious comments and at the same time we would like to invite you all to take part in the discussion and further cooperation on our vision of system changes and mental development :) The most recent version of the most important sections can be downloaded in pdf format here.

20.10.2014 We have started the second stage of the consciousness arousing poster campaign carried out at the universities in Poznań. This time, both the logo and the website address were put at the bottom of each poster. As for the content, the posters contained a handful of shocking details from „the Hell on Earth” series: „Every 5 seconds the $ystem kills one person with hunger”, and „1% of the wealthiest people own more than 40% of the earth’s resources” and a note below: „Are you fed up with it? It’s time to act!” as well as „2,2 billion people live on less than 2 dollars a day” and „A billion people have no access to drinking water” followed by a note: „It’s time to heal the sick $ystem” and „52% of the world wildlife has been wiped out in the last 40 years – help us save the Mother Earth!”. The others said: „Don’t be a meek cog of the $ystem – act now!”, „Are you fed up with the dictate of banksters and corporations?”, „Strangle the $ystem with its own weapon – consume consciously!”, „Change your programme – live consciously, change the world for the better!”. The third stage of the campaign will take place in November :)

2014.10.04.-Marsz-Wyzwolenia-Konopi-Wrocław04.10.2014 We took part in the Free Hemp March in Wroclaw. Before the demonstration, we had conducted an informative action encouraging the ganja lovers to begin everyday activism also in other fields as it is the only way to gain acceptance of legalisation among the rest of the society. The march was attended by several hundreds of people. It was colourful, loud and very positive. During the speeches, the organisers emphasised the healing properties of cannabis, and so did our banner. We demand legalisation and refundation of the therapy with the use of this plant to all ill people who need it by the National Health Fund (NFZ). YES to curative cannabis, NO to harmful chemotherapy :) Media coverage (in Polish):

DSC0008501.10.2014 All of the most important universities in Poznań have been inundated with posters as part of the multistage poster campaign that has started today and that aims at the consciousness development and civic activation of students. The first stage posters were marked with our logo without the name of our Foundation and carried messages such as: „How far does your empathy reach?”, „Is hedonism the sense of life?”, „Is consumptionism the prevailing religion?”, „Usury and exploitation have no homeland”, „$ystem devours your soul”, „Only freedom can make you free”, „XI. You shall not let anyone enslave you”, „Does work make one a free person?”. Posters that are covered or torn down are regularly replenished. The next stage is coming soon :)

przesilenia i równonoce20/21.09.2014 During another organisational-contemplative meeting on autumn equitox, apart from summer farewell and joyful affirmation of Life, we discussed the coming events/activities – Free Hemp March in Wroclaw, participation in the global „March of million masks” and an update of metaphoric content of the materials on our website – including the „practice of awakening”. We summarised our campaign concerning the Israeli attack on Gaza Strip and all other activities and actions we had conducted this summer.

18.09.2014-Konferencja-PZS18.09.2014 We took part in the conference organised by the Alliance of Associations Polish Green Network (Związek Stowarzyszeń Polska Zielona Sieć). The conference was dedicated to the issue of the European Union funds allocated for environment protection and social developement in 2014-2020 to ensure they are spent in harmony with sustainable development. The event was attented by several dozens of representatives of different NGOs and institutions involved in the process of spending European Union funds for sustainable development and the special guest, the World Wild Fund representative being in charge of the coordination of the pro-ecological citizen lobbying in the EU institutions.

07.09.2014 Międzyreligijny marsz solidarności z chrześcijanami 207.09.2014 In the very last moment we joined the inter-religious march of solidarity with persecuted Christians that took place in Warsaw. Several hundreds of people took part in the march. The participants: Muslims, Jews, Yasids, Buddists and Christians of all denominations, as well as our activists from Warsaw and the delegate of the board from Poznań carried red flowers to commemorate the suffering of the members of the biggest religious community in the world that was persecuted. The flowers have been laid in the Garden of the Righteous.

DCIM100MEDIA23.08.2014 We took part in an 8 km long human chain from primary school in Grabice (Poland) to church in Kerkwitz (Germany). It was a protest against an open-pit brown coal mine, which, if built, will cause social and ecological catastrophe. The planned exploitation of coal deposits in the borough of Gubin and Brody (Lubuskie province) by corporations and government will equal a total devastation of the landscape and displacement of two to three thousand people. We are not fundamentally against the coal energy, but first we must do our BEST to make use of the renewable resources, economical transmission solutions and limit unnecessary consumption. However, the government does almost nothing in that direction. Instead, it prefers to take the low way which will cause (especially in the case of an open pit mine) needless destruction of Nature and human tragedies.

DCIM100MEDIAIn the second part of the action, during concerts and meetings that took place at the border crossing point in Gubinek one could find and approach an informative tent of our Foundation. In fact, many people found did as for a couple of hours we talked to people interested in our activities and distributed our materials among them. In the end, we conducted a training in non-violent civil disobedience techniques for a couple of dozens of people in front of police cars;-) You can find the fotorelation from the event on our facebook profile: part I and part II. Congratulations to Greenpeace and other organisations that actively participated in the preparations of such a logistically complicated event! If the authorities remain deaf to this action and there will be a need for blockade of the mine, you can count on us! :)

2014.08.16. Ostróda16.08.2014 During the Reggae Festival in Ostróda we conducted a few hour long informative action during which we distributed as many as 1000 leaflets among the participants. The leaflets concerned the coming action against the plans of open-pit coal mines (more on the action at and a collection organised by Polish Humanitarian Organisation (Polska Akcja Humanitarna) for people from Gaza Strip (more on the action at In the materials one could also read about the ways of everyday fight against the Babylon/$ystem in accordance with the Rastafarian spirit of the festival – in both public and civic sphere as well as the equally important – inner and microsocial one. Apart from the rays of Light in a metaphoric sense, we also brought a few hour break in rain to Ostroda:) We are very grateful to the organisers for the letting us conduct the action. See you next year!

DCIM100MEDIA13.08.2014 We participated in another action in solidarity with Gaza Strip. This time it took place in the Market Square in Wroclaw and was attended by approximately 40 people. In cooperation with the Embassy of Palestine we supported the organiser, the Polish-Palestinian Friendship Association (Towarzystwo Przyjaźni Polsko-Palestyńskiej), by providing them with banners and helping them with a leaflet action during the picket calling on people to participate in a consumer boycott of Israeli goods and the corporations that support Israel. In the meantime, signatures were being collected for an appeal to the city authorities for making Gaza a twin city of Wroclaw. At the end of the gathering, the innocent victims of the fight were commemorated by a minute of silence and white balloons of peace released into the sky.

DCIM100MEDIA05.08.2014 In cooperation with Palestinian society in Warsaw and the Embassy of Palestine we have organised another action of solidarity with the inhabitants of Gaza Strip that are being murdered for a couple of weeks now by Israeli troops. Around 50 people joined us in the protest against barbarism, violating the most basic human rights and applying the principle of collective responsibility by Israel. There was the call of the fallen – we read the surnames of more than 250 innocent victims of the Zionist terror. Dr Khalil Nazzal explained in detail the tragic humanitarian situation in Gaza and the background of the conflict. We had also prepared a 5 metre long banner with photos of the victims as well as a few hundred of informative leaflets that we distributed among the passerby.

2014.07.25 palestyna Warszawa 125.07.2014 With boards saying „Stop the genocide in Gaza Strip” and a banner saying „Solidarity with Palestine” we participated in the march in solidarity with the Gaza Strip inhabitants who are being murdered during the Israeli „anti-terrorism” action. Around 250 people took part in the event to show their indignation with the death of more than 800 civilians and 2000 wounded in the pacification operation. The speakers emphasised the necessity of breaking off the military cooperation by Poland with Israel and criticised violating elementary human rights by this country. When we reached the Israeli Embassy, there was a picket organised by Zionists whom we welcomed with the shouts: „Murderers” and „Free Palestine!”. Next actions are coming soon!

DCIM100MEDIA07.07.2014 At the invitation of the Embassy of Palestine in Poland, we had a meeting with regard to our activities concerning the fight for respecting human rights in the world, particularly in the occupied Palestine by anti-democratic, racist Zionist regime where the situation is continuously getting worse. We have also discussed the possibilities of activating Polish public opinion and civic education as well as mobilising teenagers to support the Palestinians and other enslaved nations in their fight for freedom. After the meeting, we also conducted a leaflet action at Metro Centrum station in order to support the protest of Civic Social Initiative (Społeczna Inicjatywa Obywatelska) with regard to the „tape affair”. The goal of the protest is to make the current government of (anti-)Civic Platform resign.

2014.07.03 Syria03.07.2014 We supported an aid action for Syrian refugees that had been organised by a traveller and activist from Poznań, Maciej Pastwa, and „Better World” Association. More than a dozen tons of gifts – clothes, shoes, toys had to be transported to a temporary store room. There was a lot of work with this really huge mountain of stuff. The van with a trailer had to make its journey as many as three times:) Thanks to the persistence of the volunteers involved in the action what seemed almost impossible at the beginning was finally completed – the gifts are now waiting to be sent to the refugee camps in Lebanon :)

logotypy do newsów23.06.2014 While preparing for „landing” of our Foundation in Warsaw, we had a couple of interesting meetings with organisations that we are friends with and volunteers who contacted us after our recent actions. We met with the activists from the Civic Social Initiative (Społeczna Inicjatywa Obywatelska) who continue their protest in front of the Parliament, as well as the CEO of the „Green Zone” Foundation, Ms Ewa Sufin-Jacquemart, with whom we have discussed our project of creating an open, alter-system civic centre above divisions and the coming action against an open pit coal mine that is planned to be built at the Polish-German boarder lands. Whereas at the evening meeting we had with the future activists of our Foundation, we have established our soonest activities in the capital of Poland. To be continued! :)

przesilenia i równonoce21.06.2014 During the quarterly meeting on summer solstice we organised a movie half-marathon dedicated to human right, particularly in China, Tibet and Palestine. We discussed the possibilities of changing the status quo by putting pressure on European governments to impose sanctions on China and Israel as well as the plans of further actions. We summerised the recent informative action in Warsaw on the anniversary of the massacre on Tiananmen Square and discussed the plans for the nearest quarter. Afterwards, we moved on to the contemplative and affirmative part that we dived into with joy.

DCIM100MEDIA04.06.2014 The second day of our informative action concerning the massacre on Tiananment Square in Beijing 25 years ago and human rights frequently violated in China and occupied Tibet as well as a picket in front of Chinese Embassy is already behind us :) We distributed 3 thousand leaflets as a result of which first people volunteered for the fight for a better world without crime and exploitation :) We would like to thank everyone engaged in help as far as logistics is concerned, especially Social Civic Initiative (Spoleczna Inicjatywa Obywatelska) for letting us stay in their tents in front of The Parliament and Mr Michał Sakiewicz for lending us speakers :) Would you like to help? Sign a petition demanding the termination of economic and diplomatic contact with China till it starts respecting human rights. We invite you to civil voluntary work within a framework of the programme Tree of Freedom!

DCIM100MEDIA03.06.2014 We started an informative action in Warsaw concerning human rights in China with regard to tomorrow’s anniversary of the massacre on Tiananmen Square. In a few hours, first at Warsaw University and then at ”Rotunda”, we distributed more than 2 thousand leaflets inviting the passerby to reflect on the events that happened on 4th June 1989 and participate in the tomorrow’s action in front of Chinese Embassy. Meanwhile, during the action, we welcomed president Barack Obama who was driving down Krakowskie Przedmieście Street with shouts ”Guantanamo – we remember!”, to the „amusement” of Polish policemen who were guarding this criminal ;)

DCIM100MEDIA24.05.2014 During the next Hemp Liberation March in Warsaw we conducted a leaflet action searching for educators and promoters of the elements of lifestyle included in ”practice of awakening” in the environment marijuana smokers. We distributed over 1,500 invitations to participate in our street/partyworking programme, the pilotage of which is being conducted in Poznań to promote responsible and conscious attitude towards hemp consumption. We took part in the March with a banner ”Legalisation + refund”, raising the issue of both the absurdity of the ban that hit our basic freedoms, that is the ban of owning this useful plant that has been used for thousand of years for universal mental development as well as the necessity for its refund for all sick people, whose symptoms can be cured or soothed by it.

2014.05.12 rocznica ofiary delegacja12.05.2014 The delegate of the Board of our Foundation, Agnieszka Rybak, took part in ceremony commemorating the victims of martial law – late Piotr Majchrzak, Wojciech Cieślewicz and father Honoriusz Kowalczyk, organised by the Region Board of the Independent and Self-Governing Trade Union Solidarność (NSZZ Solidarność), The Institute of National Remembrance, The Father Honoriusz Kowalczyk Foundation and ”Sztuka Poznania” Foundation. There were candles lit and flowers laid at the memorial, all in commemoration of the victims of the military junta of Gen. Jaruzelski. What is worth emphasizing, the circumstances of many crimes have not been explained yet and the guilty have not been punished by jurisdiction of ”free and democratic Poland”…

logotypy do newsów08.05.2014 We conducted a training in techniques of peaceful and passive resistance for the members and supporters of Law and Justice Youth Forum (Forum Młodych PiS) in Poznań. The training was also attended by the activists of happening Alternative Action „Naszość” (Akcja Alternatywna Naszość). We presented short movies of peaceful blockades from different parts of the world, we discussed tactical and logistic issues of blockades and then we proceeded to exhausting training on the ground floor :) There was also time for questions from participants and a speech of Eurodeputy Ryszard Czarnecki, PiS (Law and Justice) candidate in the following elections for European Parliament. If the coming elections do not bring any turning point and pro-democratic and pro-social powers (both the left wing and the right wing) do not withdraw neoliberals and oligarchy standing behind them from the power in Poland, we hope that the new skills will come in handy for the young activists of Law and Justice (PiS) :)

DCIM100MEDIA02.05.2014 At the invitation of Social Justice Movement (Ruch Sprawiedliwości Społecznej) we took part in its founding congress, the first serious initiative in a long time in the environment of the alter-system, anti-authoritarian and pro-society left wing in Poland. Almost 200 people from all over the country participated in the convention, including many activists of Social Justice Office (Kancelaria Sprawiedliwości Społecznej from Warsaw. We attentively listened to the presented programme proposals, and with great satisfaction welcomed strongly accented implentation of Guaranteed Minimum Income, which is one of the main strategic postulates of our Foundation. We keep our fingers crossed for the development of this initiative and we hope it will soon replace the pro-oligarchic and neoliberal pseudo-left formations – Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) and Your Movement (TR) in Polish Parliament :)

DCIM100MEDIA01.05.2014 On the occasion of international Labour Day we took part in demonstration organised by Social Justice Movement (Ruch Sprawiedliwosci Społecznej) in Warsaw. Several hundred people took part in it, including the representatives of the independent, anti-system left environments. The march ended in front of the Prime Minister’s Office with the speeches concerning social conflicts in Poland and government’s anti-democratic politics. After the march we went further to stop in front of the Parliament House and solidarise with the organisers of the next tent town from Social Civic Initiative (Społeczna Inicjatywa Obywatelska) and association Brave Father (Dzielny Tata). We declared our readiness to conduct trainings and support the protest once enough people gather to proceed to peaceful actions of civil disobedience and to regain democracy in our country :)

2014.03.22 bierny opór warszawa22.03.2014 We celebrated another birthday of our Foundation in Warsaw. At the invitation of the organisation Pospolite Ruszenie, we conducted a training on Piłsudski Street on peaceful passive resistance for activists and supporters of the above-mentioned movement. The weather was beautiful, the police vigilant and thanks to dividing the group into two smaller ones 15 people each, we avoided being accused of “organising illegal assembly” and managed to finish the training without obstacles. In the evening, there was a discussion and integration meeting, during which we discussed the possibilities of developing civic activity in Poland and co-operation of our circles, especially in the context of changing the seat of our Foundation into Warsaw.

2014.02.07. Rosja Olimpiada07.02.2014 On the opening day of Winter Olympics in Sochi, we organised an alternative opening of the Olympic Games in front of the Russian Embassy in Warsaw. Holding a “Hypocrisy Games” banner, Olympic circles clipped with chains and together with the representatives of Poland – Chechnya Committee and Gazeta Polska Youth Club, we protested in Warsaw against massive violation of basic human rights and the principles of democracy by the Russian government. The placard contained information about journalists being murdered, dissidents, limiting the right of assembly, FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) terror, genocide in Chechnya and control of the media by the pro-Kremlin oligarchy. During the action, there was a provocation caused by the Embassy. A few days before, they notified the police that the Ambassador’s car would be passing through at the time of the assembly, which is what happened, although they knew that the participants of the protest would have to occupy the exit. We did not give them, however, another excuse for a Russo-phobic drop-in, see the Independence March:). We managed to avoid confrontation, and this time a blockade was not part of the programme;). What is interesting is that not a single TV station said anything about the action… This is what media pluralism within the $ystem looks like.

2013.12.23 Barka wigilia23/24.12.2013 Just like last year, this year we assisted The Barka Foundation from Poznań in preparing the Christmas dinner for the homeless and the lonely. We helped to prepare meals and decorate rooms. A few hundreds of people took part in the Christmas dinner, and the atmosphere during both the preparation and the event itself was great. We congratulate Barka on another successful action! May the $ystem fall apart as soon as possible so that such events will no longer be necessary! :) Happy Holidays!

przesilenia i równonoce21/22.12.2013 We called another integration, organisational and contemplative meeting for activists and supporters of the Foundation on Christmas Eve (or winter solstice). We discussed the actions taken in 2013 and plans for 2014. After a documentary movies marathon, we joined together in a merry contemplative affirmation of Life and we ate home-made sourdough rye bread, fresh vegetable and fruit juice and other eco-delights;). We recharged our spiritual batteries with positive energy to the brim, and we are ready to start a new year of fighting for a better world and awakening of humanity:).

2013.11.16 COP19 - bees16.11.2013 Dressed as bees and holding a “Stop raping our mother” banner, we took part in demonstrations during the COP-19 Climate Summit in Warsaw. Activists from several civic and environmental organisations who came on a special train from Brussels supported the Polish defenders of Nature and Life. It was loud, colourful and despite the cold, the atmosphere was hot:). Unfortunately, as one might have expected, it was not possible to put pressure on any participant of the Summit without occupying or at least blocking the National Stadium where the Summit was taking place. In this way, selfish short-sighted interests prevailed over the future of our planet and the entire species. You can read our Foundation’s “Message to Earth”here. After the demonstration ended, we took care of foreigners in one of the school-shelters. Congratulations to the organisers on the successful action and thank you for inviting us!

2013.11.15. lichwa i wyzysk - antifa15.11.2013 We took part in an anti-fascist demonstration in Warsaw connected with the attack on “Przychodnia” squat during the Independence March. We were probably the only participants in both actions – and with the same banner:). What is very suggestive is that both Right-wing nationalists and Left-wing anti-fascists approved the “Exploitation and Usury do not have a homeland” slogan. So what is the main problem in Poland: riots between militia played off against each other or the financial occupation of our country by the bankster-corporate cartel? Unfortunately, just as nationalists hate everything that is “leftist”, so do anti-fascists see “fascists” everywhere. Our leaders, in turn, rub their hands and count the money that comes in the form of taxes, which will allow them to repay usurious loans they had taken “on behalf of the state” or for their private reasons. … As patriots and anti-fascists, we tried to show both movements in our own humble way who is our real enemy and against whom we should fight in the first place.

2013.11.11 marsz niepodległości11.11.2013 We took part in another Independence March in Warsaw. In the demonstration, we raised the slogan “Exploitation and Usury do not have homeland”, relating to the criminal bankster-corporate cartel which constitutes the main obstacle in fulfilling our national civil sovereignty and providing all Poles with basic conditions for living and developing. Around 100 people participated in the march, and we were probably the only “leftist”, progressive, solidaristic and consequently libertarian group there:). As for the banner – everybody liked it:). Unfortunately, there were some brawls and provocations. Despite the organisers’ efforts and with a (deliberately?) passive attitude of the police, the guard booth at the Russian Embassy was put on fire. Moreover, hooligans and ultra-right-wing radicals (possibly assisted by police provocateurs) attacked the “Przychodnia” squat located near the march route. Sadly, despite their heroic efforts, the March Guard did not rise to the challenge (the organisers had not banned the use of masks, what would have preventively solved the hooligan problem during the action), which the pro-system media willingly took advantage of in their attack on Polish patriotic and “euro-sceptical” circles.

#1z30: Wroc?aw05.10.2013 We took part in as many as two important actions in Wrocław. As soon as we arrived there, we supported the “Solidarity” picket together with the Greenpeace activists detained in Russia. Under the slogan “I am 1 of the 30”, we protested on the market square in Wrocław against brutal actions of Russian forces and arresting environmentalists on charges of…pirating (you can see the photos from the action here). Next, we took part in the Free Hemp March. This time we did not hand out leaflets because our “Legalisation + refund” banner spoke for itself:). The demonstration, in which a few thousands of people took part, became a semi-marathon. It seems that the organisers made sure that the participants had a good workout:).

przesilenia i równonoce22/23.09.2013 On the night of the autumnal equinox, we called another integration, organisational and contemplative meeting for our activists and supporters. We discussed the recent events, and we were also considering the possibilities of anti-system actions in Poland in the context of the defection of “Solidarity” and the cunctative policy of its leaders. We also made decisions related to the nature of our participation in the Independence March and in the COP-19 Climate Summit in Warsaw. Despite the September defeat, November should be hot:).

2013.09.15 Kurozwęki15.09.2013 After a hopeless ending of National Days of Protest (Ogólnopolskie Dni Protestu) and a pathetic retreat of trade unions, we had to recharge our positive energy:. Together with our friends from Free Hemp Zone Initiative (Inicjatywa Wolne Konopie), we set off for Hemp Days in Kurozwęki. We participated in lectures on eco-construction and visited a gigantic hemp maze. We took this opportunity to implement our programme on the reduction of damages related to hemp consumption, and we tried to extend the contestation of hemp activists on other areas important to our future leading to, as always, radical deconstruction of the $ystem in Poland:).

2013.09.14 Solidarność strajk generalny14.09.2013 We took part in the largest demonstration over the past few years in Poland. More than 150,000 people protested in Warsaw under the slogan “Stop ignoring the society”. All three largest trade union headquarters showed up: the Independent Self-governing Trade Union “Solidarity” (NSZZ Solidarność), the All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions (OPZZ) and the Trade Unions Forum (FZZ). Apart from them, there were thousands of people outraged by the anti-democratic politics of Civic Platform-Polish People’s Party (PO-PSL) government, the anti-social pension pseudo-reform, ignoring referendum initiatives, anti-labour changes in the Labour Code and other sins committed by Donald Tusk. There were also patriots, socialists, nationalists and anarchists – the largest front of rebellion against the $ystem for many years. It was loud, energetic, beautiful, and there was a great performance entitled “Donald T’s circus”. Unfortunately, the “protest to the very end” promises made in the media were broken and instead of taking the opportunity, after pompous speeches, the trade union leaders ordered the participants to go home… By their lack of imagination or courage, the trade union leaders lost the biggest opportunity in years for a radical social change in Poland. Instead of continuing the protest and blocking the Office of the Prime Minister or the Parliament, “Solidarity” announced going on pilgrimage the next day (sic!). The organisers of the March made truly a sad and embarrassing move… You can read more about it in “Another missed opportunity” here.

2013.09.13. protesty solidarności - 1 dzień13.09.2013 The day before the main demonstration in Warsaw, we arrived at the tent town by the parliament to help protest against arrogant, anti-human and anti-civic politics of Donald Tusk’s government. The atmosphere was hot:). Many interesting speakers representing a variety of trade, social and political groups performed in “hyde-park”. The gold statue of the Prime Minister “The Sun of Peru” was presented, and people were paying mock tribute to it:). Unfortunately, there were no direct actions. Let us hope that “Solidarity” will rise to the challenge and fulfils the promises about “protesting to the very end” and will not let go until citizens regain democracy in Poland.

logotypy do newsów12.09.2013 We opened a new bank account of the Foundation in one of the few Polish banks, i.e. in the Postal Bank (Bank Pocztowy). The account number: 72 1320 1016 3313 9759 2000 0001. We will be grateful for any, even symbolic, donation!:)

logotypy do newsów12.08.2013 Another consultation meeting took place in the office of the Independent Self-governing Trade Union “Solidarity” (NSZZ Solidarność) of Wielkopolska Region before National Days of Protest in Warsaw. Although all the civic organisations present at the meeting reached an agreement, the Union, sadly, did not approve of our postulates to implement peaceful blockades of the most important government agencies in the capital. Moreover, the Union did not agree on our visit to the potential tent town set up in front of the Parliament building. The meeting ended without making any decisions related to organising a joint trip to the event. Therefore, we have withdrawn from any further work. It is bad news for the protests to come…

2013.08.10. Łódź obywatele decydują10.08.2013 We took part in a conference “Referendum for citizens, not for the party” organised by the Institute of Civil Affairs (Instytut Spraw Obywatelskich – INSPRO) in Łódź. Our representative Marcin Janasik gave a short and succinct speech related to the legal changes in the referendum act postulated by the people gathered at the conference, putting emphasis on the necessity of making those changes mandatory. Apart from that, we made the leader of “Solidarity” an offer related to National Days of Protest in Warsaw in the context of setting possible blockades of the Parliament or the Prime Minister’s Office, and to train the unionists on techniques of passive resistance.

chevron 406.08.2013 After participating in the blockade for more than a week, we said good-bye to the farmers from Żurawlow protesting against Chevron, and we set off on a long journey back to Poznań. National Days of Protest in Warsaw are coming and it is time to prepare an action our leaders will not forget for a long time:).

chevron04.08.2013 We conducted a mini-training on passive resistance for the farmers opposing Chevron investments. We showed the movie “This is what democracy looks like”, which talks about protests against the WTO Summit in Seattle in 1999. We also showed fragments of other peaceful blockades all over the world.

chevron 230.07.2013 We arrived near Żurawlow at the blockade against the investment of Chevron Corporation in shale gas! Although it appears to be the best way to free ourselves from importing gas from Russia, shale gas extraction is dangerous to groundwater and agricultural holdings as well as to nature on the exploited areas. Instead of shale and atom, we want national investment in renewable energy increased! Our peaceful blockade group will support the protesting farmers (you can find the website of the organisers of the protest here) and relieve the burden of their constant on-call duties during harvest. Interspecies brigade on guard: human beings, cats and dogs – all together to protect Mother Earth!:) The investment project has been temporarily and legally blocked, and we make sure that no additional equipment is brought on the area leased by Chevron. You can see the photos from the action here.

logotypy do newsów09.07.2013 Our Foundation initiated a meeting between the Union and the independent social and civic organisations operating in Poznań, which took place in the office of the Independent Self-governing Trade Union “Solidarity” (NSZZ Solidarność) of Wielkopolska Region. The groups discussed the possibilities of co-operation in the upcoming National Days of Protest in September in Warsaw. Representatives of particular groups described their activity, we covered first organisational matters, principles and the purpose of inviting new circles, and we scheduled the date of our next meeting as well. What is worth emphasising is that there were representatives of both anti-oligarchic left-wing and pro-independence right-wing, as well as social workers and allotment gardeners. It looks interesting:).

przesilenia i równonoce21/22.06.2013 On summer solstice, we threw another integration, organisational and contemplative party for the activists and supporters of the Foundation:). We discussed plans for the upcoming actions, especially the blockade of Chevron’s investment in shale gas in Żurawlow and the upcoming Days of Protest in Warsaw.

2013.05.25 marsz wyzwolenia konopi25.05.2013 We took part in the Free Hemp March in Warsaw. During the event, we performed an important awareness action addressed at Palikot’s Movement (Ruch Poparcia Palikota) that has been promoting itself during the hemp events. The movement is a neo-liberal, pro-oligarchic organisation posing as “libertarian” and “leftist”. We distributed a few hundreds of leaflets describing the origins of that organisation and its patron’s views (you can read it here). A few thousands of people participated in the march, and we walked from the Palace of Culture and Science to the Parliament building. There were plenty of music groups, hilarious costumes and harsh substantive speeches revealing the hypocrisy and absurdity of the current “anti-drugs” policy. May Poland finally awaken – and become green!;)

2013.04.10. krakowskie przedmieście10.04.2013 On the day of the anniversary of the Smoleńsk tragedy, we took part in the march dedicated to the victims of the…well, accident? Assassination? We still do not know, and the blame for this ignorance can be put on Donald Tusk’s “Polish” government. Since the very beginning, Tusk’s government has been promoting a false version of events, blackening the memory of the victims and handing the investigation over to Russia, which, as we all remember, has been involved in many similar crimes (e.g. blowing up apartment buildings in Moscow in order to get a pretext for invading Chechnya). With “Smoleńsk 10/04 – we remember” banner, wearing masks of Tusk, Merkel and Putin, we repeated the action from the previous day, and the people gathered there reacted to our happening in a very positive way:). You can read the text of the leaflet here.

Protest przed ambasad¹ rosyjsk¹09.04.201 In the eve of the anniversary of the Smolensk tragedy, we took part in a demonstration in front of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Warsaw, protesting against holding the evidence (of the plane wreck and black box originals) for three years and the chicanery around the official Polish-Russian investigation. Again, we wore masks of Tusk, Merkel and Putin, and we also performed a leaflet distribution campaign (you can read the text here). After the official part of the event and together with the other people gathered, we marched to the Presidential Palace on Krakowskie Przedmieście.

2013.03.26 solidarność happening poznań26.03.2013 In relation to the general warning strike that took place in Silesia, we participated in a solidary action in Poznań organised by the Independent Self-governing Trade Union “Solidarity” (NSZZ Solidarność). We performed a leaflet distribution campaign and a happening in which Prime Minister Tusk was led on a leash by Chancellor Merkel and President Putin, apologising to everybody for his sins:). You can read the text of the leaflet here and the report of the action here.

logotypy do newsów20/21.03.2013 On the third anniversary of our Foundation, on spring equinox, we called – as usual – another integration, organisational and contemplative meeting for our activists and supporters:). We discussed the progress of research works related to the “Tree of Life” and “Tree of Light” programmes as well as the actions under the training, blockade and happening group “Janosik’s Peace Gang” (Pokojowa Banda Janosika, a project that is part of the “Tree of Freedom” programme) and the project of reducing damages resulting from consuming psycho-active substances. The latter consist of street working, party working and trendsetting and promotes conscious and civic development, healthy lifestyle and healthy eating and “one stimulant principle”. Finally, we also discussed developmental actions in place of escapist and hedonistic consumption patterns followed by psychedelics.

2013.03.03 IWK szkolenie - bierny opór03.03.2013 We conducted a training on techniques of passive resistance (sit-in) during the annual meeting of Free Hemp Zone Initiative. The training covered ways of how to prepare oneself for peaceful blockades, some basic tactics and, of course, practice:). We also showed videos of peaceful blockades around the world. You can see the organisers’ report and photos here.

2012.12.23 wigilia w Barce23.12.2013 We assisted with the preparations of the Christmas Dinner for the homeless and the lonely inhabitants of Poznań organised by The Barka Foundation (Fundacja Pomocy Wzajemnej Barka). We helped to prepare meals made for this special occasion in the Old Bakery in the district of Śródka in Poznań.

przesilenia i równonoce21/22.12.2012 On winter solstice and just before Christmas, we organised an integration, working and contemplative meeting for Foundation supporters. We discussed the civic actions taken in 2012, the progress of research works related to “Tree of Life” and “Tree of Light” and the implementation of the project of reducing damages resulting from consuming psycho-active substances. Furthermore, we discussed our plans for 2013. It is going to be a very interesting year:).

2012.12.13 warszawa marsz wolności niepodległości i solidarności13.11.2012 On the day of the anniversary of introducing Martial Law in Poland (1981), we took part in the Freedom, Solidarity and Independence March in Warsaw. We honoured the memory of the heroes of the anti-communist opposition who died during criminal operations of the military junta. At the same time, we demanded that the fundamental postulates made by “Solidarity” in August 1980, which in our “free Poland” still remain on paper, be fulfilled.

2012.11.11 Marsz-Niepodległości11.11.2013 On the Independence Day, we participated in a march of patriotic groups in Warsaw. We used slogans related to the government’s servile policy towards EU, Russia and towards the international bankster-corporate cartel that has been implementing predatory neo-colonial socio-economic policy in Poland since 1989. More than 50,000 people participated in the march! Unfortunately, there were provocations when hooligans (and most probably police officers in civvies) attacked the police who, in turn, blocked the march and ordered the participants to go home. Fortunately, the organisers managed to bring the whole situation under control and there were no further problems. Alas, the mainstream media were happy to have received grist to the mill of their attacks on “euro-sceptics” and on all those who question the terrible status quo of our nation. Only a few hundreds of officials, politicians and loyal journalists participated in the official party thrown by the President. Well, the turnout at each of those events speaks for itself;).

2012.09.29. obudź się polsko29.09.2012 We took part in the “Wake Up, Poland” March in Warsaw. We protested against restriction on freedom of speech in Poland and against limiting our national sovereignty. More than 100,000 people participated in the march, including Radio Maria fans, Christian and trade union groups and those associated with the anti-liberal political opposition. It seems that Poles have finally started to awaken – we hope there will be more marches like this one!

przesilenia i równonoce22/23.09.2013 During the integration and organisational meeting, we conducted a training on techniques of passive resistance (sit-in) for our activists. We also discussed the two big upcoming actions: the “Wake Up, Poland” March and the Independence March. We hope the techniques of civil disobedience will be of use there!

przesilenia i równonoce21/22.06.2013 On summer solstice, we threw another integration and organisational party for activists and supporters of our Foundation. We discussed the assumptions developed for the “Tree of Life” programme, including the strategy of actions aimed at system changes in Poland, and the premises of “Janosik’s Peace Gang” project, i.e. a staff training, blockade and happening group. We also discussed taking action to find a strategic sponsor to help us implement the activities we have planned. Contemplative after-party with protest music took place by the fire in the bosom of nature:).

logotypy do newsów20/21.03.2012 Our Foundation’s second birthday!:). On this occasion and on spring solstice, we threw an integration and organisational party for activists and supporters of our organisation. In relation to finalising Fort II revitalisation pilot project by The Better World Association (Stowarzyszenie “Lepszy Świat”), we completed a pilot experimental project on socio-civic rehabilitation of former prisoners and people at risk of crime and drug addiction. Moreover, we finished experimental projects related to creating a bio-energetic food circulation system including goats, hens and earthworm culture as well as growing mushrooms, herbs, fruits and vegetables, bio-hummus production and developing a non-cash food exchange system. We found new home for the animals:). At the same time, under the “Tree of Life” programme, we launched the campaign of cocoa in the ancient Latin American form, and we distributed the recipe and samples of the ready-to-drink beverage during our meetings to our supporters, visitors at the Foundation and befriended organisations. We included this element of the campaign, along with promoting healthy eating, healthy life style and herbal medicine, in our trendsetting action as part of party and street working.

2012.01.26 ACTA Poznań26.01.2012 We participated in a civic protest against ACTA regulation in Poznań. We distributed leaflets about civil rights, freedom of access to culture and dangers of the attempt on internet control. A few hundreds of people took part in the action! The Big Brother will get a rap on the knuckles for trying to take free internet from us! ACTA – you shall not pass!

przesilenia i równonoce22/23.12.2011 Christmas Eve meeting on winter solstice:). We discussed our organisation’s current plans and actions for 2012. After the contemplative-motivational part, we celebrated the feast with a happy volunteer job related to Fort II revitalisation pilot project finalised by The Better World Association (Stowarzyszenie “Lepszy Świat”) by organising and treating individual rooms with quicklime. We did not forget, of course, about our animals and so the goats got a few boxes of fresh vegetables and a loooooong session of scratching behind the horns and petting their heads:).

przesilenia i równonoce23/24.09.2011 On autumnal equinox, we called another integration, working and contemplative meeting for our activists and supporters. We discussed and launched an experimental project related to creating a bio-energetic food circulation system including goats, hens and earthworm culture as well as growing mushrooms, herbs, fruits and vegetables, bio-hummus production and developing a non-cash food exchange system, under Fort II revitalisation pilot project in Poznań completed by The Better World Association (Stowarzyszenie “Lepszy Świat”). Moreover, we launched an experimental pilot project related to socio-civic rehabilitation of former prisoners and people at risk of crime and drug addiction.

przesilenia i równonoce21/22.06.2011 Integration, working and contemplative meeting for our activists and supporters on summer solstice. We officially launched the project of reducing damages resulting from consuming psychoactive substances (as part of the “Tree of Light” programme). Under this programme, we are going to promote the “one stimulant rule”, street working, party working and trendsetting actions promoting conscious and civic development (in this environment of hemp smokers). During the day, we organised the green area by the fortifications and moats covered with debris. At night, we spent some nice time by the fire, contemplating and rejoicing in Life:). In short, work and pleasure combined:).

2011.05.07 Wolne konopie Poznań07.05.2011 We participated in the Free Hemp March in Poznań. We handed out leaflets about the origins and the purpose of hemp ban. We also encouraged the underage participants of the demonstration not to start smoking until they are 18 years old. As for adult smokers, we encouraged them not to smoke with minors and to change consumption patterns of “chilling-out” into using hemp as a means of deepening empathy, self-awareness and civic awareness and to broaden the horizons of perception. We also invited the participants to our party we are organising at Fort II on the upcoming summer solstice.

logotypy do newsów21/22.03.2011 Our Foundation’s first birthday:. On spring equinox, we organised a small integration party for our activists and supporters. We discussed the progress in the field of interdisciplinary research works performed under the “Tree of Life” and “Tree of Light” programmes. We also started looking for sponsorship to fund Fort II revitalisation pilot project in Poznań completed by The Better World Association (Stowarzyszenie “Lepszy Świat”). Moreover, we decided to call four integration, organisational and contemplative meetings per year, on solstices and equinoxes. The next one is in four months!:)

logotypy do newsów02.12.2010 Our website is ready! Thanks to all involved in creating it! We invite you to read our first information materials about our planned activities for next year:). All our supporters are welcome to volunteer at The Better World Association (Stowarzyszenie “Lepszy Świat”), our mother organisation:

logotypy do newsów30.06.2010 Tax Office Poznań – Nowe Miasto assigned Tax Identification Number (NIP) to our Foundation: 7822504322.

05.05.2010 Statistical Office in Poznań assigned Business Identification Number (REGON) to our Foundation: 301419306.

We also started working on our first information materials.

przesilenia i równonoce20/21.03.2010 We started working on the assumptions of the “Tree of Life” and “Tree of Light” programmes. We also started working on the interdisciplinary research that would include two main areas of our interest. Furthermore, we decided that we are going to celebrate our Foundation’s birthday on spring equinox.

logotypy do newsów02.03.2010 Our Foundation is registered! :) District Court Poznań – Nowe Miasto I Wilda (VIII Commercial Department of the National Court Register) approved the documentation at the first attempt, and our statute and the rest of the documentation prepared by our team proved flawless:). The Minister of Culture and National Heritage will act as the supervisory body. Our National Court Register number (KRS) is 0000350230. Marcin Janasik, the founder of the Foundation, became Chairman of the Board. Thank you to everybody engaged in preparations!

Photoarchive of the „Better World” Association: 2005-2011.

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